Mobile technologies and innovations for health

M-Health Congress is an annual event dedicated to medicine and healthcare innovations. Mobile health technologies can significantly reduce expenses in this sector, and their application makes healthcare more quality and available.      

M-Health Congress means invaluable experience, case studies from industry specialists, exchange of views, and a huge base of contacts. It is here where you can find ideas and solutions for your business, allowing to increase profit several-fold.  

Currently, the high-tech industry is facing breakthrough changes that will influence almost each person in the nearest time. Soon, the rapid implementation of mobile technologies in the healthcare sector will affect us.  

M-Health combines two simultaneously developing trends, which, at the same time, greatly influence each other. The first one is patient treatment and care technologies and the second one is human health control devices. Thus, one should talk of future mobile health in terms of combining various technologies and devices in order to control human health.

Until February 3, 2019, the ticket price is 8,000 RUB.

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