Alexander Danilin from Microsoft will present use cases of AI in healthcare


Alexander Danilin from Microsoft will present use cases of AI in healthcare

March 5, M-Health Congress will offer a panel discussion titled AI in Life Science featuring representative of Microsoft Alexander Danilin. He will share his experience of using artificial intelligence in medicine.

Alexander Danilin is the Head of Strategic Projects and Initiatives at the Department for Government Relations of Microsoft. Previously, he worked for IBM and Russian firm called InterTrust. Currently, he supervises the СityNext project.

The speaker will join other industry experts to participate in the panel discussion AI in Life Science, which will focus on the prospects of artificial intelligence in the Russian telemedicine.

Participants will make a general overview of the global market, review main trends and challenges of the industry. Alexander Danilin from Microsoft will share interesting use cases of AI in smart cities and digital healthcare.

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