AsthmaMD – the first aid for asthmatics


 AsthmaMD – the first aid for asthmatics

Teleflex has presented a new gadget called AsthmaMD. It is a peak flow meter, a device used to monitor health of asthmatics. In comparison with traditional analogues, it has a wider range of functions.

In particular, it can be used to track the peak expiratory flow rate in not only a normal state but also when a person suffers an asthma attack. The device can make measurements in the range of 60-810 l/min. Besides, AsthmaMD can alert users upon the detection of symptoms of the disease.

All parameters can be stored in a digital journal, which provides the whole picture of all changes in the body. AsthmaMD also offers the common function of calculating the required dose of medicine.

All gathered data is sent to a mobile application. If needed, it can be sent to your doctor via the cloud service MyAsthmaMD Physician Portal.

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