Biohacking: is it possible to prolong life?


Biohacking: is it possible to prolong life?

Today medicine is highly developed offering 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs and wearable gadgets for health.

One of the newest ways to look after health and improve life quality is biohacking. Read further in the article what it is and how biohackers prolong their life.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a set of actions intended to improve health and life quality. Using this approach to work on health, people make changes to nutrition, meditate, do exercises, and psychological practices. Besides, biohacking usually implies intake of special medication aimed at prolonging your life.

Biohacking is similar to healthy lifestyle, but biohackers take a more serious approach to health: they often do medical tests, adapt treatment schemes, and make experimental procedures.

What do biohackers do?

Biohackers often do different meditation practices, support their psychological state, and adhere to principles that help to maintain a good physical form.


Biohackers remove harmful food from their menu. Supporters of biohacking try to select products with low glycemic index and usually buy organic products in supermarkets.

Besides, today tests can help to detect food that the body does not tolerate, or which products cause unwanted consequences. This also helps biohackers to harmonize nutrition.

Physical activity

Biohackers closely monitor the level of their daily activity. They study principles of correct workouts on their own or turn to experienced trainers to draft a plan of required training load.

Medical tests

An important item is undergoing medical trials intended to choose medication basing on test results.

Biohacking: is it possible to prolong life?  - 1

One of the popular tests among biohackers is a hormone test that helps to define how to maintain balance in the organism. Genetic testing helps to reveal liability to diseases.


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Biohackers often take different medication aimed at improving brain activity and physiologic processes. They include:

  • vitamins and minerals: fish oil, magnesia, zinc, B vitamins, ascorbic acid;
  • drugs to boost brainpower: glycine, Ginkgo biloba, Ashvagandha;
  • amino acids and other supplements: 5-HTP, GABA, BCAA, Tribulus, arginine, creatine, melatonin;
  • workout pills: peptides, growth hormone.


Supporters of biohacking also use experimental and non-mainstream methods to perfect their body and prolong life.

For example, NASA’s ex-biochemist Josiah Zayner tried to change his genes in 2017. He injected the myostatin gene into his body to increase muscle bulk. He used the CRISPR technology in his gene engineering experiment.

Biohackers also use another way to affect their body – chip implantation, carried out with a special syringe equipped with a heavy needle. This procedure has become rather popular: for example, around 3,000 biohackers inserted microchips under their skin in Sweden alone in 2018.

Chips are designed to simplify life of their owners by replacing access cards and identity cards.

Will biohacking prolong life?

Biohacking strategies aim at not merely improving health but also boosting life quality and making life longer and more meaningful.

As biohacking is a relatively new phenomenon, it is difficult to say for how long it can prolong life. However, if you apply most of the biohacking principles and maintain balance in everything, you can definitely improve the way you feel, bring your body in a good shape, and perhaps add a dozen of years to your life.

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