Bionic lens to hit the market in two years


Bionic lens to hit the market in two years

Ocumetics is conducting clinical tests of bionic lens, a medical module able to provide an eye with superhuman capabilities. If tests do not detect any defects, this solution will be sold in two years.

Bionic Lens is a dynamic lens that replaces the natural lens inside the eye via one of the most common and successful procedures in medicine – cataract surgery. The implanted detail restores clear vision and improves image quality. It automatically regulates within the eye by connecting to the muscles, which allows it to focus on much wider ranges than our natural sight is capable of. Besides, people will be able to focus on an object within the whole day without any strain on the eyes.

More interesting is the fact that the lens is developed using components, allowing to install projection systems and to display a smartphone or PC screen. The optical tool is also integrated with an option of dosing administering a drug via ocular mucosa.

Garth Webb, developer of lens, believes that the new technology will allow to integrate with the digital world and control AI appliances. However, this invention will probably be a problem in the future for those who cannot afford lens. As the result, some people will have exceptional abilities, leading to the increasing inequality.

The first patients will have to pay approximately 32000 dollars per one lens regardless the surgery price. The company has already started making a list of hospitals and surgeons it is going to cooperate with.

Bionic lens won’t be a sovereign remedy for all eye diseases. They won’t cure color blindness, cloudy corneas, severe macular degeneration, severe genetic retinal diseases or torn or damaged optic nerves.


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