Alcohol testing wristband Skyn will show how drunk you are


Alcohol testing wristband Skyn will show how drunk you are

Alcohol testing wristband Skyn has won the competition among devices capable of measuring blood alcohol levels. San Francisco-based company, standing behind it, has taken the main prize -- $200 thousand from the National Institute of Health. The wristband looks almost the same as fitbit, and measures alcohol levels via sweat.

Skyn cannot substitute for police alcohol testers, as far as it needs 45 minutes for making measurements. But this device can be convenient for personal use and for patients of rehabilitation clinics. The advantage of Skyn over ordinary breathalyzers lies in the consistency of measurements. It will help its owners to control alcohol consumption and to find out whether they can start driving after roaring night.

Obtained results can be sent to smartphone via Bluetooth. Data can be exported from the application and sent to the physician. Data obtained by Skyn can also be integrated in iOS application called Health, which will allow user to see the whole picture of his health condition.

During the competition, organized by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Skyn has beaten eight other participants. Seven of them looked like fitbits as well, and the eighth prototype represented a temporary tattoo, which changed its colour, depending on the blood alcohol level.

According to BACtrack, the first limited edition of wristbands will be released in the end of the year. Preorders can be made on the official website of the company.

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