Anton Vladzimirsky will explain what to expect from the law on telemedicine at M-Health Congress 2017


Anton Vladzimirsky will explain what to expect from the law on telemedicine at M-Health Congress 2017

Anton Vladzimirsky is a thought leader, organizer and manager of a whole range of mHealth projects in Russia. On April 28, he will present at M-Health Congress 2017 and tell about the main challenges of the national digital healthcare.

In his report, he will touch several important moments, including:

• what changes will businesses face after the adoption of the law on telemedicine and how to prepare to them;
• pitfalls of practical application of telemedicine in the format “patient-physician”;
• analysis of modern methodology of patient-oriented telemedicine, its advantages, disadvantages and disputable aspects.

Besides that, Anton Vladzimirsky will dedicate a part of his speech to the analysis of medical startups’ operation. He will specify the main mistakes of young companies, and give recommendations on how to avoid them as well as how to promote new mHealth services more efficiently.

Speaker will deliver presentation in the second block of M-Health Congress 2017“The gist of the draft on telemedicine and its influence on business”. Anton Vladzimirsky will also participate in the discussion panel, dedicated to collaboration issues between the state and private companies, which render telemedicine services.

Attend M-Health Congress 2017 and learn all details firsthand. To participate, register on the official website of the event.

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