Biohacking concept and purpose


Biohacking concept and purpose

Ther are more and more ways to prolong human life: people have invented drug therapy, transplantation, cloning, and even cryonics. However, one has recently introduced a new method attracting those who are ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for their health: biohacking. Let’s examine what kind of people we are talking about, and what biohacking means.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a set of actions aimed at improving the quality and length of human life. It frequently includes nutrition care, exercise, meditations, intake of special drugs, and mindset training.

it is a relatively new fashionable concept of healthy living. Well, people engaged in this practice are biohackers. Nevertheless, while healthy living broadly supposes following the simple rules (do not eat sweets, starchy and fatty food, move more), biohacking has a more serious approach. Biohackers’ life improvement actions are based on analyses and medical tests: they conduct tests and begin the “treatment”, then conduct tests once again and correct the “treatment” etc.

Such a complex approach allows to determine several core principles of biohacking.

Biohacking principles

  • Diet. According to this principle, biohackers should exclude junk food from their daily menu, including too fatty, too sweet, and too salty stuff. They should prefer products with low glycemic index and, obviously, refuse intolerance food.

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  • Hormones checkup. One of the most significant tests for biohackers to pass is the endocrine profile examination. It will show what is required for the total balance. This test affects other biohacking principles as well.
  • Physical activity. According to this principle, the best thing to do for biohackers is to address an experienced coach to develop the scheme of training and physical activity in general. The coach may recommend people with sedentary jobs to walk at dinnertime and to do weight training in the evening.

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  • Genetics. One more test defining the liability to certain diseases. In this test, people should specify what illnesses their relatives have come through: from chickenpox to cancer. It will affect the selection of pharmaceutical drugs.

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  • Pharmacology. Blood analysis and genetic test allow to choose drugs able to enhance biohacker’s living conditions. It can be referred to either vitamin complexes and fish oil or special agents: a green tea extract or grape seed squeezing (natural antioxidant).

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  • Cosmetic procedures. Although medical drugs influence personal appearance, it is not enough for biohacking purposes. To improve their attractiveness, biohackers take a cosmetic procedure course: for robust appearance of skin, nails, and hair.
  • Cerebration. This biohacking principle includes both intake of special drugs improving brain functions (for instance, glycerin) and daily trainings, such as simple reading, solving mathematical problems, and even meditation.

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  • Psychological state. Everything is quite simple: biohackers try to avoid stress situations; but if such a situation happens, they should see a psychologist.

Are there any examples?

Happiness and brain for $200 000

One of Russia’s popular biohackers is Serge Faguet, the founder of Ostrovok ru. He wrote a detailed article dedicated to what he did and why. In general, everything is standard. Serge set out to prolong his healthy life as much as possible. He spent 5 years and more than $200 000 to advance himself.

According to his story, the biohacker adjusted his sleep, trainings, and food intake. He passed hundreds of tests, took a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, and consulted with qualified healthcare specialists.

Faguet’s objective results: the percent body fat decreased from 26% to 10%; maximal oxygen consumption increased up to 70%; the level of free testosterone grew by 81%. Serge says that he has become happier, more active, and smarter.

Alteration of genes

Another well-known biohacker is Josiah Zeiner, ex-member of NASA. In the end of 2017, he introduced retrovirus into his hand, which had to put a super power gene into Josiah’s DNA. According to the biohacker, the first results should appear in 6-8 months: following such a “surgery”, the muscle bulk of his body should grow, making him much stronger.

However, doctors do not share his expectations: they believe that they only thing he can get is serious inflammation.

Gadget hand

A doctor from Novosibirsk chose the other way: he did not change his own DNA but partially turned into a cyborg. Alexander Volchek implanted special chips into his hand. These chips replace his pass to the job and other access cards.

The chip is a ferrite core with 2 × 12 mm or 1.5 × 8 mm microcircuit packed into a biologically inert glass. It is able to contain up to 1K of information, which is quite enough for simple tasks. chip is implanted into a hand using the special syringe with a thick needle.

Is it worth to apply biohacking?

The majority of approaches to biohacking can be referred to simple healthy living and daily self-monitoring. One should know when to stop here, as in the rest of things. If you are ready to spend a great deal of money and efforts for the seamless approach to life quality improvement, that’s okay. However, the devil is in the detail: do not copy anybody’s approach. Every person is unique, and a health enhancement program should be selected individually.

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