Weekly medication intake - a new solution from Lyndra startup


Weekly medication intake - a new solution from Lyndra startup

The need for daily intake of medications will soon become a thing of the past. According to the head of Lyndra startup, their newly developed technology will allow prolonging the duration of the drugs’ action, reducing the daily need to take the medication to 1 time per week.

Company CEO is convinced that in the future, taking the medicine several times a month will be enough. In addition to it being convenient, patients who often forget about taking pills could really use such an opportunity. Sometimes forgetfulness can be really problematic for many people.

Lyndra startup has developed a pill that looks no different from the usual ones. But when the coating dissolves in the stomach, a capsule in the form of a six-pointed star is released. Each end of this star contains a dose of medication that is released at the right time to maintain the action of the main drug. The researchers proved that this technology allowed the test animals to be transferred from daily to weekly intake of immunodeficiency virus medications.

Gates Foundation was among those who supported the project at an early stage. Moreover, in 2017, this startup received $23 million for clinical trials.


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