Two experimental weeks of M-Health Congress 2017 and Welltory have ended. What has changed during this time?


Two experimental weeks of M-Health Congress 2017 and Welltory have ended. What has changed during this time?

Two weeks have passed since our report about the first stage of the experiment was published. So it’s time to talk about the second one. Yes, our new report is ready, and we ensure you that it is much more interesting than the previous one!

This time, Svetlana has set a goal to improve her daily productivity using Welltory clip. Right now you will find out whether she managed her task.

How the second stage proceeded

At first, we needed to define which parameter should be taken as Svetlana’s productivity indicator. There was no point in using time trackers (for example, Rescue Time), as our heroine spent a little time working on the computer. Therefore, we decided to rely on the assessment of her daily mood. Every evening, apart from the obligatory measuring of stress and energy indexes, Svetlana also shared her opinion on the efficiency of her day and whether she was satisfied with the amount of work done.

Further, we changed the habitual daily routine of our heroine, adding a new position there – the morning writing practice (a kind of meditation, during which you have to write down all your wishes, goals, plans for the day and in such a way to program yourself for a result). Svetlana also tried to make breaks at work every hour.

As a result, from 02.04 to 15.04 we obtained the following results of Welltory clip:

• Energy: average value – 85%.

• Stress: average value – 14%.

• Sleep: average duration – 7 hours 46 minutes.

• An average number of steps (physical activity index) – 5382.


In the last two weeks, Svetlana’s results have deteriorated, meaning that the undertaken measures to improve productivity did not match her. So during the third stage of the experiment, we will try other methods and evaluate the findings.

Follow the upcoming news on our website! And remember: the final results of the experiment will be announced at M-Health Congress 2017 on April 28! To participate in the event, register here.

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