No more Jawbone fitness trackers


No more Jawbone fitness trackers

It was reported by The Information media site last week. Jawbone company is leaving the market, and its founder Hosain Rahman will try his efforts in a new project with a concordant name Jawbone Health Club, aimed to collect health data for medical facilities. Meanwhile, Rahman does not disclose any detailed information.

Jawbone was founded in 1999 and became one of the first developers of fitness trackers. At first, its products were instantly sold out thanks to their originality and unusual design. Investors were actively financing new projects of Jawbone. In 2014, the company received almost $1 billion of investments. However, it did not save the company from bankruptcy.

The same year, Apple Watch was released. Apple’s smart watches took away Jawbone’s potential customers. Also, advanced smart bracelet models of such companies as Samsung, Fitbit, etc. appeared. Jawbone products were not changing neither in terms of design nor technical parameters. It led to the decrease in sales, and the company lost its market share in 2016.

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