SOZO gadget will help analyze body composition and diagnose illnesses at home


SOZO gadget will help analyze body composition and diagnose illnesses at home

Australian company ImpediMed released a device for complete body composition analysis at home. The bioimpedance spectroscope SOZO sends electric impulses through hands and feet, and then determines how the current passes through the body. Based on received data, device gives a lot of useful information about the user’s health and general wellbeing.

Bioimpedance spectroscopy is usually used to detect lymphatic system diseases, determine the severity of water balance disturbances, control therapy effectiveness for patients with heart failure and so on.

This system from Australian developers differs from existing devices with higher speed and diagnostics accuracy. It performs on-the-spot body scan, using 256 different frequencies in the 3 to 1000 kHz range. Thus, device receives more data for analysis.

SOZO capabilities allow:

• analyzing fluids;

• determining body composition;

• calculate body fat percentage;

• diagnosing a number of lymphatic and other systems diseases.

Device is useful for obtaining detailed health information, which can be useful not only in treatment but also in the training process. Thus, fat percentage data will help forming a more effective diet and a set of exercises.

Another device advantage is that it can be used not only in the hospital but also in your apartment, gym, nursing home and other places.


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