Sports and Fitness Gadgets 2016: disappointments and expectations


Sports and Fitness Gadgets 2016: disappointments and expectations

April 28, 2016 at the M-Health Congress 2016 in Moscow Leonid Bugaev, the author of books on mobility, creative director, speaker and lecturer will talk about the prospects of sports and fitness gadgets.





In his report, Leonid Bugaev will reveal the following topics:

  • Gadgets for sports and fitness: disappointments and discoveries.
  • How does a gadget work from a consumer point of view? How does a gadget earn from a manufacturer point of view?
  • Profit analysis and gap in monetization: why is it impossible for manufacturers to cash on hardware?
  • How does the market react to new wearable devices?
  • Health ecosystem: transformation for the next 10 years.

The speaker will also share his experience as of where to invest money and resources and which features are to be noted in digital health ecosystem.

Leonid Bugaev is a founder of the Academy of Experts and an owner of the digital-agency Nordic Agency AB. He is a networker, an expert in the field of mobile solutions for business and an author of several thematic books. He created projects for Mars, JTI, Unilever, P&G, Danone, HP, Microsoft, Intel and Apple. 

“He flies up like a rocket! Rather, as the Buran.” In such a way customers of the agency speak about Leonid.

Under his leadership, creative web solutions are created, as well as mobile media solutions that do not require large investments. According to Bugaev, it allows customers to launch their online brands easily.

M-Health Congress 2016 is the second conference on innovations in the field of medicine and health care, which will reveal the main trends of mobile health market.

April 28, 2016, Moscow, M-Health Congress 2016.


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