Chairman at Nephro-Liga Lyudmila Kondrashova – participant of a discussion about remote patient monitoring


Chairman at Nephro-Liga Lyudmila Kondrashova – participant of a discussion about remote patient monitoring

On March 5, M-Health Congress will feature a panel discussion called ‘Remote monitoring of chronic patients and remote rehabilitation’. Lyudmila Kondrashova will be one of the panelists. She is a Chairman at Nephro-Liga, a transregional social organization of nephrological patients.

At the event, the speaker and other participants will discuss the issues related to remote monitoring of chronic patients.

Headed by Lyudmila Kondrashova, Nephro-Liga was established in 2008 and is currently represented in 40 Russian regions.

Members of this organization pursue the following goal - making life of Russians with chronic kidney diseases better. What is more, it aims at the creation of a special Russian program ‘Nephrology’ in order to provide patients with hi-quality medical aid and meds, including innovative ones.

Supervised by Lyudmila Kondrashova, Nephro-Liga takes active actions in the sphere. For example, members of the organization elaborate standards of examination of patients with nephrological diseases as well as project a plan of medical care provision. They also give patients meds, conduct various industry workshops, conferences, and specialized courses.

Nephro-Liga takes a hand in Russian legislation improvement. Particularly, it developed a strategy of medicine provision in the Russian Federation until 2025. The organization also brought amendments to the Law on Healthcare Delivery of the Russian Federation and elaborated other bills in the sphere.

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