Chronic skin diseases can be treated at home


Chronic skin diseases can be treated at home

Clarify Medical has developed a portable device for treating serious skin diseases, called the Clarify Medical Phototherapy System. Patients can do the procedure of ultraviolet phototherapy at home. All they need is to apply the device to the affected skin area and launch it by pressing the button.

The gadget is equipped with a screen that displays data about session duration and other useful tips. In addition, Clarify Medical Phototherapy System has a reminding function. It will help users not to forget about the necessity to repeat the procedure at the right time.

However, you will not be able to use the device without doctor’s help. The latter should determine the duration and frequency of the therapy, taking into account individual characteristics of the patient.

Clarify Medical has already received permission for selling the device in the USA. Clarify Medical Phototherapy System will appear on the shelves in November.

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