Innovative medicine: 10 forecasts for 2019


Innovative medicine: 10 forecasts for 2019

California-based company Frost & Sullivan has been making forecasts for the healthcare sector over the last decade. The company has shared thoughts regarding the development of medicine in 2019.

Forecast № 1. Economic benefit can give way to treatment outcome. Frost & Sullivan believes that more attention will be paid to concepts focused on efficiency of the therapy rather than revenue it brings. The US, Canada, Japan, and the EU countries may spend up to 15% of healthcare funds on corresponding medical models by the end of 2019.

Forecast № 2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will strengthen positions in the field of medical technologies. Experts believe that the implementation of these systems will boost the performance of medical workers by 10-15%. Up to $1.7 billion will be spent on such projects and their realization.

Forecast № 3. M-health and telemedicine will gain more popularity among all population layers. Medical care outside hospitals will become more popular by 30%. Customers will spend up to $25 billion on gadgets, apps, and other digital technologies intended to monitor health.

Forecast № 4. Asia will become the center of innovations for the production of pharmacy products and medical equipment. Around 10% of the global researches and healthcare developments will take place in this region.

Forecast № 5. By the end of the next year, 50% of all medical companies will equip themselves with remote monitoring systems. They are required to analyze data and calculate individual risks related to the health of patients. Analytics will shift from big data to field-specific data.

Forecast № 6. Speech recognition and reproduction technologies will become more widespread. Voice assistants will help patients with chronic diseases. Mobile apps will lessen the load of physicians.

Forecast № 7. Today blockchain undergoes the experimental stage. Specialists believe that the technology will be commercially realized by the end of 2019. Healthcare organizations will be deploying up to 10% of solutions based on blockchain.

Forecast № 8. Insurance companies will be using data analysis to draft policies of insurance. By the end of 2019, 5-10% of these papers will be issued based on the needs and lifestyle of people.

The chief technology officer of Galen Data Abbas Dhilawala makes the following forecasts.

Forecast № 9. In-home kits for diagnostics will become mainstream in the upcoming year. Mainly, they will be standard tests for urine and blood analysis, etc.

Forecast № 10. Artificial intelligence will help physicians to take decisions. AI systems will recommend clinicians on better treatment of patients.

Specialists believe that the next year will be full of innovations and changes in healthcare. The future will show how accurate these forecasts turn out to be.

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