AI in healthcare. Interview with Founder of Botkin.AI Sergey Sorokin


AI in healthcare. Interview with Founder of Botkin.AI Sergey Sorokin

Botkin.AI is a platform developed by the Interlogic company for AI aided disease analysis and diagnostics. Within the project, there was created a unique technology that shows disease development and detects health problems at early stages.

In his interview with M-Health Congress, Founder at the company Sergey Sorokin dwelled on the operating principle of Botkin.AI and the prospect artificial intelligence has for medicine.

Interviewer: M-Health Congress (MHC)

Respondent: Sergey Sorokin (S.S.)

MHC: How did you embark on a career in the sphere of IT in healthcare?

S.S.: I started working in the IT segment of healthcare in 2005. I took part in various projects: IT systems inclusion in drug stores and clinics, development of medical, telemedical, and radiological information systems as well as diagnostic images processing systems.

MHC: What prompted you to create Botkin.AI and what challenges did you face?

S.S.: Botkin.AI platform is a major project of Interlogic. The company’s key asset is a team of developers in the sphere of AI with unique experience and knowledge. We created our own patented AI-based technology for building patient math models, which helps diagnose and evaluate risks of disease development.

There exist a lot of challenges. However, this market is nascent, which is one of the key problems. We have to solve totally new tech tasks as well as combat medical staff’s unpreparedness to accept the cutting-edge technology. We are still a small company and often have to answer the question: “Are you able to compete with global heavyweights that also enter this market?” We are positive that our company is a decent competitor. We publish our scientific research works in leading industry publications and follow the achievements of our colleagues, which makes us confident about our competitive advantages.

MHC: What medical images does Botkin.AI analyze?

S.S.: We started from one of the most difficult image types – computer aided tomography (CAT). On the one hand, such a complex task took a lot of time for the development. On the other hand, we finished working on the technology and now can quickly add other types of images and pathologies to the platform. By the way, Interlogic in now about to release a product for the analysis of mammography and DR images.

MHC: Tell more details on Botkin.AI testing at healthcare institutions. What were its results?

S.S.: Our pilot projects underwent two stages. At first, we wanted to get doctors’ feedback: how they utilize this platform, accuracy of analysis, interface convenience, etc. Currently, our foremost task is the demonstration of Botkin.AI’s real efficiency. For instance, we review ongoing CAT investigations made at clinics within a certain period and detect real symptoms of lung cancer at early stages. Recently, we have completed an important phase of the pilot project in Novgorod Oblast. Our team is now getting ready with the results of the projects in other three Russian regions.

MHC: Having worked in the sphere of IT in healthcare for more than 10 years, what changes can you point out in this segment within recent years?

S.S.: I would say that healthcare is one of the most conservative segments in terms of IT introduction.

MHC: What are your plans for AI development in healthcare?

S.S.: As I have already mentioned, our efforts and systemic approach towards technology development can allow us to quickly release new products. Our team can rapidly add analysis of various types of diagnostic images to the platform. It may be an analysis of histological parameters, blood cells, an eye fundus, medical ultrasound, MRI, dental panoramic radiography, etc. The key point here lies in a demand for the products and efficiency of this method in solving medical problems.

We are currently on the final stage of the implementation of a patient multimodal model into our platform. It would help analyze all available data on human diseases – for instance, we would be able to investigate a patient medical record while analyzing CAT images. In the nearest future, we will publish the results of our large-scale projects.

Sergey Sorokin will participate in a panel discussion titled ‘AI in Life Science’. In order to hear his presentation and ask questions, register and join us at M-Health Congress on March 5 in Moscow.

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