Israeli company released first non-invasive glucometer


 Israeli company released first non-invasive glucometer

Cnoga Medical, a company registered in Israel, released the world's first non-invasive blood glucose meter. The device already received approval in most countries of the world.

The work principle differs from conventional glucometers: instead of piercing your finger and taking blood, the device tracks changes in skin color. Despite the fact that it sounds rather doubtful, the effectiveness of this device was confirmed by clinical trials. Testing was carried out in Germany, and experts confirmed that the accuracy of the results is not inferior to conventional glucometers that analyze blood composition. Before use, it takes a week to calibrate the device, after which it can be used as many times a day as needed. No module replacements are required, as well as no consumables. The service life of one device is two years.

The device is sold under the name TensorTip. Its developers have already received certificates from European regulators, as well as Brazilian and Chinese. Negotiations with the US Food and Drug Administration are in progress.


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