Petr Kuznetsov, associate professor of medical sciences and founder of several medical online services in Russia, told about the arrangement of modern mHealth management


Petr Kuznetsov, associate professor of medical sciences and founder of several medical online services in Russia, told about the arrangement of modern mHealth management

Petr Kuznetsov is an associate professor of medical sciences, vice president of National association of medical informatics, founder and thought leader of many Russian projects in the sphere of digital health. On April 28, he will present at M-Health Congress 2017, highlighting the up-to-date challenges and trends of modern mHealth management.

Our press service has discussed some of them with the speaker in advance. Among other things, Petr Kuznetsov explained in the interview what mHealth management is and what is needed for its development.

1. What is understood under the notion of mHealth management today?

М-Health management is the extensive realization of primarily organizational, preventive and educational, as well as clinical, theranostic aspects of healthcare through the use of mobile devices and applications, personal wearable devices. Organizational capabilities of mHealth lie in the increasing availability of medical, informational, wellness services, as well as in the raising awareness and enhancing patient safety in the sphere of healthcare.

2. How Russian patients in general take the idea of personal health monitoring? Aren’t they scared of the prospect of private responsibility in this matter?

We have survey findings that show the potential readiness. The lack of knowledge can be frightening, and a modern man must be informed and engaged as much as possible. Understanding of private responsibility must be formed through a complex, stage-by-stage information campaign at the national level. And it must be carried out with government support.

3. Which events are held in foreign countries to teach citizens personally take care of their health using mHealth devices? Is there anything similar in Russia?

On the one hand, remote monitoring is used for risk mitigation among people with chronic diseases of heart, endocrine and nervous systems. Health insurance companies play a key role here. They both train and motivate, providing financial support. On the other side, there are examples of working with risk groups on socially significant diseases. Such programs, which include supply of technologies as well as training of target audiences, can be supported by government, nonprofit organizations, and funds.

4. Which Russian services for remote communication between a patient and health institutions do you consider to be the most efficient today?

It is a quite rapidly growing market, somewhat restricted by the fact that changes in legislation (especially in the sphere of state certification and registration of devices, medications) cannot keep pace with technological progress. That’s a standard, common situation in the national as well as global perspective. It is important to enhance the role of professional medical communities in the process of recognition, assessment and recommendation of specific mHealth means.

5. What are your expectations of М-Нealth Сongress 2017?

I am hoping to hear presentations on the most cutting-edge topics. Interested in the results of specific projects.

You will learn more information from Petr Kuznetsov’s presentation, which he will deliver at M-Health Congress 2017. His speech is scheduled in the fourth conference block – “М-Health Management: personal health monitoring”. To participate in the event, register on the website.

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