How is the Uniform State Health Information System developing in Russia? Report of Boris Zingerman, INVITRO


How is the Uniform State Health Information System developing in Russia? Report of Boris Zingerman, INVITRO

Boris Zingerman, member of the Expert board of the Russian Ministry of Health on the use of Information and Communications Technologies in the healthcare system, will be a speaker of M-Health Congress, and will participate in the panel discussion about remote monitoring and rehabilitation.

The expert’s report will focus on the Uniform State Health Information System (USHIS). The speaker will analyze the development stage of the system in general and its regional and federal components (Integrated Electronic Health Records, Federal Electronic Registries, etc.).

Boris Zingerman has been working in the field of healthcare informatization for 37 years. Back in the time of the USSR, Boris Zingerman worked on the creation of the info-analytic Blood service. He was the first to use the bar coding technology for blood banking.

Besides, Boris developed the conception of [email protected] cloud service. This web platform allows patients to receive medical consultations, store clinical data in a single place, and provide doctors with access to this information when required.

The speaker worked at Moscow Hematologic Scientific Centre, and currently is the Head of digital medicine at INVITRO private firm. The company deals with lab tests, US, MRT, mammography, X-ray filming, and other clinical researches.

Besides, Boris is the author of the first in Russia GOST “Electronic patient record”. Over the last 10 years, he has been engaged in the development of services for telemedicine.

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