How Russia determines telemedicine prices


How Russia determines telemedicine prices

At Work, a service for remote doctor's advice, published the results of its survey among health workers from different parts of Russia. Its goal was to discover how much money doctors would like to get for remote patient examination.

The majority of respondents requested, in average, 450 RUB for one call. It is seven times more expensive than a personal visit, costing approximately 60 RUB. However, if remote advices take at least a half of a working day, they will agree to reduce the price for their services to 100 RUB.

Having analyzed the answers, Doctor At Work Company concluded that the perfect price for remote communication with a doctor should be 300 RUB. 100 RUB is given to a doctor, 65 RUB to a provider, and the rest money is used to pay taxes.

At the same time, the price of doctor’s advice on the DOC+ platform is higher – 499 RUB. Ruslan Zaydullin, founder and CEO of this service, explains that this fact is based on company’s desire to offer doctors higher wages than those currently existing on the market.

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