Which medical startups attract investors’ attention?


Which medical startups attract investors’ attention?

In 2016, medical startups attracted $4 bn investments. Among the most popular technologies, one can find tools for neurosurgery, orthopedics solutions and smart cardiovascular sensors.

The most active investors that acquired five and more startups are as follows:

1. Medtronic have bought 15 companies since 2012. They include manufacturers of smart watches to block pain in a spinal cord, robotic surgeons, automated system for insulin level tracking, etc.

2. Boston Scientific have entered into 8 deals with companies. The projects are aimed at the production of heart valves, neurosurgery and gynecological tools. Besides, the most interesting deal has been withdrawn with Cameron Health, a developer of a hypodermic implant for the heart beat stimulation.

3. BC Technical is acquiring companies focused on equipment for VR diagnostics.

4. Stryker cooperates with startups that produce treatment stations and orthopedics solutions, for instance, tools for operations on hands or knee implants.

5. Along with Center of High Technologies KhimRar, Johnson & Johnson has established an investment fund. The money will be used to support Russian startups that manufacture medications, smart treatment tools and biotechnologies.

6. Although fitness tracker Jawbone failed to compete with Fitbit, it attracted $900 m from venture funds.

7. Apple, Samsung and Google invest in developers of such solutions for health state tracking as fitness bands, for example.

It can be noted that 22% of deals are aimed at long-term financing.


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