When will medical novelties be common stuff? The answer by Oleg Korzinov, KSI Ventures Director


When will medical novelties be common stuff? The answer by Oleg Korzinov, KSI Ventures Director

A lot of medical companies are aiming to make innovative gadgets an integral part of treatment. Oleg Korzinov, KSI Ventures Director, is going to tell M-Health Congress 2017 when they will manage to reach this goal.

On April 28, he will speak at the panel discussion called ‘Investments in mHealth technologies: dialogue between manufacturers, investors and health organizations’ within the conference. The speaker is planning to analyze a condition of the telemedicine investment market as well as to explain what factors influence it and what should be done to improve the situation.

Oleg Korzinov is an innovative pharmaceutics expert. Within 15 years of operations in this sector, he has managed to establish several industry startups. Oleg was also involved in developing the government document – PHARMA 2020 strategy. Since 2010, has been a Chief Executive at the Northern BioPharmCluster uniting the leading Russian medical and pharmaceutical companies, R&D institutions and innovative technological startups. At the same time, he was a director at MIPT Life Sciences Center.

If you want to discover more details about the speaker and his presentation topic, attend M-Health Congress 2017. The conference will allow you to obtain lots of relevant information regarding special features of telemedicine development. Register here for participation.

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