Go2Sleep ring will help you get enough sleep


Go2Sleep ring will help you get enough sleep

A project of the next wearable device is collecting investments on the crowdsourcing service Indiegogo. The developers of the gadget called Go2Sleep offer users to improve the quality of their sleep.

The device is in the form of a ring, which weighs 6 grams, is put on before going to bed and does not cause any inconvenience. But its advantage over competitors is not its shape and size. Unlike most analogues that simply record body's activity during sleep, Go2Sleep has an artificial intelligence that can analyze a huge amount of data.

The ring controls your heart rate and pulse, the amount of oxygen in the blood, records all movements, tracks all sleeping habits and also records cases of sleep apnea - a sharp short-term breathing disorder, which causes the brain to suddenly wake up due to the lack of oxygen.

Each morning, the user receives a detailed report from Go2Sleep on the quality of the night sleep. Manufacturers believe that people who know that they have problems with sleep will benefit from it the most. In addition, the device can help identify medical problems that the user did not even suspect were there.

Go2Sleep has a class iP67 waterproof, operates without recharging for three days and stores data for a week. In addition to the gadget itself, the creators added three frames of different sizes to the kit, for all family members to be able to use the device.

The device will cost $99for those who supported the project, and delivery will start in the late spring of 2018.

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