A flying first aid kit: Matternet releases a drone delivery system for medicine


A flying first aid kit: Matternet releases a drone delivery system for medicine

The USA-based company Matternet is launching a medicine delivery system in Switzerland. Medicine will be delivered by drones produced by the company. Flying first aid kits will start operation in November and will transport blood, vaccines, and other laboratory samples. However, their first routes will be restricted to hospitals and medical centers.

The drone is controlled using a mobile application, which allows specifying possible details of delivery. Items are sent in the following way: medicine is put in a special container, which is placed on Matternet Station, from where the drone takes it and delivers to the destination point.

Upon arrival to the specified place, the drone connects with another Matternet Station, which unloads the device and passes the parcel to the customer. To receive the parcel, the customer has to scan the QR code. The drone is charged at the station until it receives a new order.

Matternet devices can carry the load of up to 2 kg and develop the speed of up to 70 km/h.

The system will be launched in Switzerland in the first quarter of 2018. Matternet is planning to test a network consisting of several stations. In case of positive results, they want to equip shops and petrol stations with their systems.

Further, the company plans to expand their project to other European countries.


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