Medaboutme will tell everything about a healthy lifestyle at M-Health Congress


Medaboutme will tell everything about a healthy lifestyle at M-Health Congress



Medaboutme has been established to promote a healthy lifestyle, to spread the word about proper diet and physical activity rules. This is a unique online catalogue where users can find all the answers to questions about their own well-being and state of health.



Medaboutme resource provides a range of useful services:

  • Online consultation with experienced doctors
  • Explanation of the results of the patient's analyzes
  • The most comprehensive list of medical institutions of the country
  • Quick service of self-diagnostics
  • Ability to pass special tests and learn about the current state of health
  • Ability to read daily latest news from the world of medicine and healthcare

The thematic resource employs 28 experienced doctors of different specialties. Thus, the user can consult a qualified expert. Medics respond to questions quickly and in detail, trying to talk about a particular disease and effective methods of its treatment in a simple and accessible language.

The introduction of digital health tools can significantly improve health care quality. Innovative gadgets, mobile applications, portable devices and other tools help monitor our health and in case of any problems promptly address to experts. Medaboutme is one of the most useful projects, which leverages the power of telemedicine and promotes innovations in the field of healthcare.

The more detailed information about the progress in the mHealth market and the most promising areas of the mHealth gadgets application will tell Daniil Danin, Executive Director, MedAboutMe on April 28 at the M-Health Congress. The main focus will be on Samsung and Apple as well as on the mHealth applications from Google.

You can meet the representatives of Medaboutme, as well as learn about the latest updates to the company on 28 April at M-Health Congress. To participate, please register on the event's official website.

Date: 28 April 2016
Venue: Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Moscow
Time: 10:00–18:00.

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