Health future technologies that can be reviewed right now


Health future technologies that can be reviewed right now

April 28, Moscow will host the annual conference, dedicated to mobile and e-medicine innovations, called M-Health Congress.

The event will be attended by developers, entrepreneurs and other participants, interested in promoting innovative products in medicine. The congress will be also interesting for people who care about their health and want to know about latest industry achievements.
The conference will include a panel discussion on the topic: Market drivers and barriers within mHealth and Telemedicine. Leading experts will discuss industry development. Market leaders will present their reports, and also there will be the industry achievements exhibition.


Panel discussion

Participants of the panel discussion will be Georgy Radzievsky, Oliya Artemova (Health IT Department, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation), Alexander Konstantinov (ONDOC’s founder), Oleg Kazankov (Deputy Department Head of State Organization “Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after Academician Kulakov” Russian Ministry of Health), Vladimir Egorov (Skolkovo).

During the panel discussion participant will discuss public policy issues regarding healthcare support and modernization, with a special attention devoting to informatization of this industry (Telemedicine Bill) and Russian health facilities, as well as current medical startups issues. Industry predictions and prospects will be also mentioned.


Presented on the conference will be the following reports:

  • New IBM Solutions for the Healthcare (Gayane Harutyunyan, IBM).
  • How do the technologies change the cancer diagnostics? (Aleksey Remez, UNIM).
  • The Russian Inventions in the Health Research (Mikhail Prepeletsky, ONETRAK).
  • Internet of Things in Medicine today–the way to the cognitive technologies in healthcare tomorrow (Eduard Segal, МТС).
  • Muscle Activation Data (EMG) from wearbles in Injury Prevenation and Rehabilitation (Janne Pylväs, Myontec).

Given below are the most interesting gadgets that will be shown in the conference demo zone:

CardioQVARK is the compact heartbeat monitor, which looks like IPhone cover with two sensors.

The device itself provides a cardiogram. One should just place two thumbs on the sensing system on the screen. The result can be saved and sent immediately to the attending physician. Besides, there is a possibility to synchronize obtained data with your attending physician.

IMPULSE AS2016 is the low-frequency pulse generator, which stimulates blood circulation, helps to rectify metabolic function, improves working efficiency and provides whole organism support. This device can be applied to all body parts, as it is equipped with 24 various modes. Due to in-built battery, the device is easy to carry.

Myontec Mbody Pro is the smart training suit allowing to measure all muscles activity while exercises. Then results are transferred to the smartphone that should be equipped with special software. The software helps to analyze muscles behavior, providing the most efficient training. Moreover, mobile soft is equipped with in-built training programs, which will be adjusted to your health condition.

ONDOC is the future medical record. It is a digital document storing all information about patient health. The main aspect is the possibility to read data from other applications that monitor your health. Due to this device, healthcare service quality will reach a new level.

All mentioned-above and other issues will be discussed and presented within M-Health Congress demo zone on April 28, in Moscow.

Come and join medicine future!

Date: April 28, 2016.
Place: Moscow, Courtyard Marriott Hotel (7 Voznesenskiy Pereulok).
Time: 10:00–18:00.

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