Hackers blackmail marihuana selling medical service


Hackers blackmail marihuana selling medical service

Eaze startup is an American service, legally distributing marihuana medicinally. Recently, it was reported that the company let the leak of customers’ personal data, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers. These data were stolen by one of company’s ex-employees. Now, Eaze is receiving threatening letters, the authors of which promise to unveil all obtained information if they won’t get 70 million dollars. Currently, the company is trying to sort out the situation and find a solution.

Eaze office is based in California that has officially allowed to use marihuana medicinally within its territory in 2016. Thus, startup operations are absolutely legal. Besides, its customers pass careful selection. A potential customer should have a physician’s order. Alternatively, one can remotely consult an expert of the health portal, Donald D. Davidson, M.D. cooperating with Eaze, by phone or on the Internet. Following the results of such conversation, the specialist has the right to issue a patient a permit to buy marihuana. A standard measure for each customer is 3.5 grams. The price, including consultation and delivery expenses, is around 45 dollars.

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