Mikhail Prepeletsky will tell about unique Russian inventions in the health research at the M-Health Congress


Mikhail Prepeletsky will tell about unique Russian inventions in the health research at the M-Health Congress

Very soon M-Health Congress, the main event dedicated to medicine and healthcare innovations, will take place. One of the speakers will be Mikhail Prepeletsky, the founder and CEO of ONETRAK, the developer of the first Russian smart bracelets.

ONETRAK is the only one smart bracelets Russian developer.

Mikhail Prepeletsky, the high technologies expert, founded the ONETRAK project in order to produce smart bracelets, allowing people to keep a healthy lifestyle and to get rid of various illnesses, caused by unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity.


Nowadays, ONETRAK is the only company in Russia that produces smart health mobile gadgets.

ONETRAK bracelets allow to see doctors as rare as possible

Initially, ONETRAK fitness trackers were developed for Russian customers and, consequently, have a corresponding function set. Smart bracelets can count calories, monitor physical activity twenty-four hours per day, wake up at a required sleep phase, provide information about nutrition value of products and restaurant dishes as well as monitor water balance, etc.

The bracelet is connected with the special application, which allows to estimate physical condition, plan daily schedule and diet, establish sport goals.

 ONETRAK can be used by professional sportsmen and by all health lifestyle followers.

ONETRAK at M-Health Congress

At the M-Health Congress Mikhail Prepeletsky will reveal the topic: The Russian Inventions in the Health Research.

In his report, the speaker will tell about:

  • Wearables - triggers for the healthy and active lifestyle;
  • New approach towards personal health;
  • Cultivating the new outlook on human health;
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles in Russia;
  • Import substitution in the Russian IT-industry.

Furthermore, one will be able to test the first Russian smart bracelet in the M-Health Congress demo zone.

M-Health Congress will be held on April 28, at the Moscow City Center Courtyard Marriott Hotel. The conference dedicated to medicine innovations will be attended by mobile gadgets developers, representatives of private health care facilities, fitness and wellness-centers as well as all people interested in the industry development.

To know more about ONETRAK smart bracelet features, register on the event official website http://mhealthcongress.ru/en/registration.

Date: April 28, 2016
Place: Moscow, Courtyard Marriott Hotel (7 Voznesenskiy Pereulok)
Time: 10:00 – 18:00

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