Moscow residents can now make a doctor’s appointment using Telegram


Moscow residents can now make a doctor’s appointment using Telegram

The @MosUslugiBot – a bot that was launched in popular Telegram messenger, which allows Moscow residents not to go to a hospital to make an appointment. Now, all you need is a phone, Internet connection and a couple of minutes. To start working with the robot-registrar you just need to send him patient’s medical insurance number and date of birth. After this, the bot will suggest the user to select the required specialist and visit time. In addition, the bot can also remind you when the time of the visit is approaching.

The head of the Moscow Department of Healthcare, Alexei Khripun, noted that the work on improving the Unified medical information and analytical system (UNIAS) never stopped and the use of electronic services in various medical institutions is becoming more common, which in turn opens up new opportunities.

Now @MosUslugiBot can make appointments with the most popular doctors - otolaryngologists, urologists, ophthalmologists and surgeons, and also to the local therapist. At the same time, the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow notes that this is only the first stage of work on a new service: in the short term, the development team plans to complicate the algorithm of @MosUslugiBot’s work and teach it to determine which specialist should be addressed by the user's description of the problem, answer more specific questions and generally complicate the algorithm of communication between the bot and people.

m-Health Congress: Moscow residents can now make a doctor’s appointment using Telegram

It is also worth noting that the development of UNIAS brought victory in the Global MobileGov Awards 2017 to DIT in May 2017 - for success in development of electronic mobile provision of public services to citizens.


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