M-Health Congress defined a lucky owner of ONETRAK wristband


M-Health Congress defined a lucky owner of ONETRAK wristband

Recently Moscow has hosted the main event in the field of mobile and telemedicine - M-Health Congress. The organizers of the event gave away the first Russian smart gadget – ONETRAK Sport among the participants of the Congress.

ONETRAK Sport is a smart analyst of health and physical activity designed for athletes and supporters of a healthy lifestyle. This smart wristband is oriented to the domestic consumer. The fitness tracker monitors activity of a user, taking into account travelled distance and burned calories, monitors phases of sleep, reminds of important events, functions as a smart alarm clock, a personal trainer and a nutritionist. The wristband can operate a week without recharging and a year without an Internet connection.

This innovative fitness tracker ONETRAK Sport was provided by the content partner of the M-Health Congress. The functional wristband was solemnly handed over to the giveaway winner directly at the conference.


Link to the event's website: http://mhealthcongress.ru/

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