M-Health Congress will present the first Russian fitness tracker ONETRAK


M-Health Congress will present the first Russian fitness tracker ONETRAK

On April 28, 2016, M-Health Congress dedicated to innovation in the field of health care will present a smart tracker ONETRAK created by Russian developers. Participants of the event will be able to personally test the possibilities of a smart gadget and make sure that its functionality is highly competitive with foreign analogues.

Advantages of the Russian smart wristband ONETRAK

Russia's first smart wristband is primarily aimed at domestic consumers, as it has a friendly interface and additional features not offered by foreign fitness trackers and mobile gadgets. For example, ONETRAK lets you know what is on the menu of the Russian restaurants, which is very useful for those who adhere to proper diet.

The smart fitness gadget has many advantages: resistant design, ability to work a full year without an Internet connection, saving power consumption mode, a full battery charge in 2 hours. Due to the low weight and the optimum size, the Russian smart gadget is very convenient to use. It is made of hypoallergenic materials and has no medical contraindications.

ONETRAK types and functions

There are two types of Russian fitness tracker:

1. ONETRAK Sport is a functional gadget designed for professional athletes. This type can work for about 8 days without recharging and has high strength of the body. Today Russian athletes from the Olympic team for badminton actively use ONETRAK Sport.

2. ONETRAK Life is a handy device for fans of a healthy lifestyle and active leisure. The wristband can work up to 6 days in stand-alone mode; it has a moisture-proof and sturdy shockproof body.

ONETRAK allows users to implement comprehensive monitoring of all aspects of a healthy lifestyle as it:

  • Keeps track of calories and steps
  • Measures the distance travelled and time of activity
  • Distributes the load per day properly, based on user’s personal settings
  • Helps monitor the user’s weight with the help of a food diary
  • Monitors phases of sleep for a good rest
  • Has a built-in clock, alarm and reminder system
  • Allows keeping detailed statistics

The Russian innovative wristband will be presented by its creators at the annual event M-Health Congress, which will take place in Moscow on April 28th. A unique fitness tracker will be of interest to developers of wearable devices, owners of fitness centres, professional athletes, as well as all those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

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