New test allows to advance lung cancer treatment


New test allows to advance lung cancer treatment

Following two-year testing, US FDA has permitted to use Oncomine Dx Target Test in hospitals for lung cancer treatment. This genetic test allows to define a certain type of tumor affected lungs in a record-breaking short term and, consequently, to assign patients a proper therapy. Conventional methods are not always accurate in this case and require lots of time (weeks and even months), while Oncomine Dx Target Test can provide accurate results in four days.

The test is a special analysis of a tiny particle of tumor tissue. At the end of this analysis, a doctor obtains data on changes that this tumor causes in 23 genes. The information of three kinds of them, ROS1, EGFR, and BRAF, is especially valuable, as it allows to determine what pharmaceutical drug is the most efficient in each specific case.

Fisher Scientific has been already applying this solution in US two largest laboratories, specializing in cancer diagnostics.

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