oDocs Eye Care turned an iPhone camera into an ophthalmoscope


oDocs Eye Care turned an iPhone camera into an ophthalmoscope

oDocs Eye Care is a New Zealand startup which became a real discovery three years ago. Its founders Hong Sheng Chiong and Benjamin O'Keeffe promised to create a device based on the iPhone to visualize and take photos of the eye's retina. In 2017 an active prototype was demonstrated to the public. It also managed to get a few prestigious awards, including Talent Unleashed Award.

The development consists of two separate devices. The first one is a visoScope adapter. It uses a smartphone camera to take photos of the eye's retina. The second device is a microscope with a slit-lamp which is also compatible with the iPhone.

Developers say that the final price of the product will be much lower than that of a standard ophthalmoscope. oDocs Eye Care also promises to leave the devices’ source code open. It means that users will be able to print them on any 3D printer by themselves. It will allow specialists to receive necessary ophthalmologic equipment at any moment and not to wait its delivery.

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