Online platform Mobile Doctor: telemedicine as a patient’s attorney


Online platform Mobile Doctor: telemedicine as a patient’s attorney

Telemedicine is not just a trend. It can crucially change the future of medicine. New directions and thousands of startups are currently emerging in this field providing advanced possibilities.

A telemedicine service Mobile Doctor is one of such projects. The online platform gives an opportunity to get professional advice from doctors in a format convenient for a client: video, audio and text. The project will be presented at the M-Health Congress 2018 exhibition area. We have asked the developers a few preliminary questions:

— How did you come up with an idea of creating your project?

Mobile Doctor was founded by Igor Eremin in 2016 as part of Vengo Group focused on premium mobile advertising networks. Thus, a telemedicine platform got a powerful marketing resource highly needed on the developing market of telemedicine.

We dedicated 2017 to testing of different formats and consultancy directions, processing scripts for the qualitative aid during the consultation.

In 2018, we present Mobile Doctor as an online clinic that solves both clients’ problems and business issues of insurance companies and banks. You can contact a duty doctor or make an appointment via a mobile app and a browser at a number 8800. Those patients who pay for advice with their own money can use an independent ‘second opinion’, so-called patient’s attorney, guaranteed by Mobile Doctor.

— In Russia, telemedicine was legalized by the law of January 1. Are there any restrictions in this sphere posed by the state preventing it from fully-fledged functioning?

Starting from this year, telemedicine has become a legal way of medical services provision, our company welcomes. We have noticed that the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation hasn’t upgraded all the decrees related to this sphere yet. As soon as the possibility to sign a voluntary informed agreement and identify a patient via the Integrated Identification and Authentication System using Internet services appears, online clinics will provide all range of medical opportunities.

At M-Health Congress 2018, attendees will participate in discussions over cutting-edge digital medicine and see innovative products of this sphere with their own eyes.

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