MegaFon launched telemedicine application


MegaFon launched telemedicine application

The mobile operator MegaFon and the Telemed HELP development team announced the release of a joint project, an application for online consultations, which MegaFon subscribers can use to receive remote medical assistance.

The news was reported by Vedomosti with reference to the representative of MegaFon Jan Kuhalsky and the owner of Telemed HELP, Vladimir Geraskin. His team was responsible for the technical part of service, and also contracted with doctors and networks of clinics, while MegaFon provides brand and client base for promotion.

The MegaFon.Zdovrovie application is reportedly available for download on the Google Play and App Store since November 13.

According to developers, the application will allow patient to communicate with doctors via video calls. MegaFon.Zdovrovie can also be used to provide the doctor with patient’s medical documents, as well as make an appointment for a full-time consultation. Service will cost 150 rubles per month for the usual version, and 299 rubles for the expanded one, which features specialists with “Doktor nauk” academic degree and experience of more than 15 years only. The database includes 1000 doctors from 14 Moscow clinics.


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