The main telemedicine trends in 2018: virtual doctor, big data, AI


The main telemedicine trends in 2018: virtual doctor, big data, AI

The world telemedicine market raised a record amount of investment in 2017: $4.7 billion. Experts predict it even greater progress in the future. There are three main development trends in 2018: virtual medical care, big data and diagnostics using artificial intelligence (AI).

Virtual Doctor

Medical care in the virtual space means not only online consultations and video calls. Virtual reality (VR) is being actively introduced into the telemedicine sphere. Doctors can conduct consultations with the help of VR-headsets, the procedures are as efficient as real ones.

The best option is when nurses visit remote patients and conduct an examination, broadcasting the VR image to the doctor. The expert coordinates actions of the assistant and makes the diagnosis, also using the VR headset.

Big data and AI

Wearable telemedical gadgets regularly collect the health indicators of patients, getting large amounts of information. Machine learning will allow you to quickly process and organize this information, and artificial intelligence helps to make diagnoses on its basis.

There are already working systems based on this technology, including Russian ones (TeleMD, mediSensum, etc.). We have an article on this topic.


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