From mathematics and cybernetics to medical technologies. Story of Maxim Gorbachev, Managing Partner of RMI Partners


From mathematics and cybernetics to medical technologies. Story of Maxim Gorbachev, Managing Partner of RMI Partners

He has been keen on computing technologies since childhood. He explored the medical field working on the project at the business school. He sees the phenomenal potential of healthcare technologies. Today he invests in the development of innovative medical technologies. He is a Managing Partner of RMI Partners Maxim Gorbachev.

On March 5, Maxim will act as a speaker at M-Health Congress in Moscow and participate in the panel discussion Remote Monitoring of Chronic Patients and Remote Rehabilitation.

We talked to Maxim about his choice of education, the first experience of work for a medical firm, and found out the expert’s opinion about healthcare technologies in Russia.

“I have been into computing machines since childhood”

Enrollment in Lomonosov Moscow State University was an ultimate dream for any child born in the Soviet Union. My choice of profession was greatly influenced by the impression that my father’s occupation produced upon me. In my childhood, I often visited computing centers and was keen on big computing machines. This brought me to the department of computational mathematics and cybernetics of Moscow State University.

However, after my graduation, I started working at one of the first in Russia investment banks, Renaissance Capital. Feeling the lack of financial knowledge, I decided to obtain the second degree at the leading field-specific higher institution – Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

My willingness to learn the international experience and trends of the changing business world prompted me to search for a foreign business school. I opted for Vlerick Business School in Belgium, known for its focus on entrepreneurship.

“Medicine was a new field for me and I got interested in the possibility to help people”

Back in 1997, I started working at the investment bank being a final-year student, in fact.

I acquainted myself with venture investments at the business school when I was working on the project of the corporate venture fund for UCB Pharma.

During the project, I worked with top managers of the company and corporate venture funds of other pharma companies, independent venture funds, and the business community. The project was very successful and UCB Pharma later launched a corporate venture fund when it managed to raise the required funds.

My work at UCB Pharma was a logical continuation of the project. I got truly interested in the medical industry that was new for me at that time – its innovative nature and focus on assistance to people attracted me.

“Motivated team is an important factor for project financing”

Currently, I am working on the formation of the venture investments portfolio for RMI Partners in the field of healthcare. The investment committee decides whether a company is entitled to receive investments. The committee considers scientific consistency, market demand, intellectual property protection, and the most important factor – motivated and experienced management team.

Each of our portfolio companies is memorable for me, but I would like to highlight the British firm called Binx Health.

Its diagnostic apparatus allows detecting infectious diseases within 30 minutes. Besides, the company developed a mobile platform that allows clearing screening barriers using personalized digital approach.

“Potential of digital medical technologies will be unleashing”

As for the future of medical technologies in Russia, their implementation will be facilitated by the wide adoption of mobile communication and willingness of people to have access to inexpensive and personalized medical services.

Only the implementation of digital technologies can preserve the accessibility of qualitative medical care for population in the conditions of aging and budget restrictions.

At М-Нealth Congress, I would like to critically review digital solutions offered now and discuss the difference between the invention and its realization. Besides, I would like to touch upon aspects of the disappointment present in the professional AI field, fetishization of big data, and possibilities of improving clinical practice. Indeed, most of pharma companies have not used the phenomenal potential of digital technologies to the full.

Acquaint yourself with the expert and learn more about medical technologies at the conference!

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