George Fomichev at M-Health Congress: chatbot prospects in healthcare


George Fomichev at M-Health Congress: chatbot prospects in healthcare

How can chatbots be applied in the healthcare sector? George Fomichev will talk about their prospects in disease treatment at M-Health Congress.

George Fomichev founded Endurance Robots three years ago. Now, he is CEO at the company.

The speaker has been involved in international conferences dedicated to robotics, AI algorithms and chatbots. He is frequently invited to speak at US universities, such as FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University), FSU (Florida State University), MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). He writes articles for more than 40 online publications.

George’s presentation topic at the conference: Chatbots for health.

Key points:

  • prospects of using chatbots in disease treatment and prevention;
  • why chatbots can completely replace applications.

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