The first medical exoskeleton for people with disabilities rehabilitation from Skolkovo Foundation


The first medical exoskeleton for people with disabilities rehabilitation from Skolkovo Foundation

ExoAtlet company’s scientists constructed the first Russian exoskeleton for more efficient rehabilitation of people with disabilities. The innovative device from Skolkovo Foundation’s representatives perfectly simulates person biomechanics and allows people with musculoskeletal system disorders to recover feet literally.

ExoAtlet exoskeleton unique features

It was made to help people with disabilities. Innovative development allows these people to move independently and make rehabilitation of spinal cord traumatic disease patients faster and more efficient.

The exoskeleton control unique algorithm gives a possibility to walk, overcome staircase spans, sit down and stand up independently. However, the exoskeleton movement mode is very close to the essential walking process. It helps to recover motion and neural activity of the patient much faster than with common rehabilitation methods.

Participation in exoskeleton clinical research is free

Nowadays, the ExoAtlet company leads the clinical trial of its own development, offering patients with lower limbs disorders to try exoskeleton for free. The innovative rehabilitation method includes hours-long exercises and various procedures. The clinic research course lasts 16 days and requires full hospitalization.

Everyone can sign up for this course.

ExoAtlet will present its developments at the M-Health Congress conference

The ExoAtlet company focuses on producing exoskeletons of passive and active modifications. The project team includes scientists, professors, researchers and experienced robotics developers. Ekaterina Berezy, the project founder, has field-specific education and extensive practice in robot designing.

She will tell about ExoAtlet new unique developments at the M-Health Congress in Moscow on April 28.

The annual M-Health Congress event is dedicated to innovations in the Healthcare. The latest achievements in medicine, fitness trackers, smart gadgets, mobile apps and other revolutionary developments will be presented at the conference.

Detailed information can be found at the official event website.

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