Why investors are not financing your startup? Andrei Tsoi will explain at M-Health Congress 2017


Why investors are not financing your startup? Andrei Tsoi will explain at M-Health Congress 2017

What and how medical startups should offer to consumers – will be highlighted by the speaker of M-Health Congress 2017 Andrei Tsoi. On April 28, he will take part in the first block of the conference, which will take the shape of a panel discussion.

During his speech, Andrei will explain what should be taken into account by young developers that are trying to bring their products to the market, and which mistakes should be avoided. Also, speaker will touch other issues, including:

• challenges that the majority of healthcare business representatives face and possible solutions;
• analysis of investment environment in the sphere of mHealth, explaining which projects investors are ready to finance, and which – not.

Andrei Tsoi is a senior editor of EverCare.ru, one of the largest in Russia information portals about telemedicine, and a medical director of “Tekhnologiya Zdorovya” (Health Technology) public company. Has a medical science degree in Urology. From 2014 to 2016 occupied the position of a junior researcher in one of the departments of Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology named after N.A. Lopatkin.

We look forward to seeing you at M-Health Congress 2017 conference. To participate in the event, register here.

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