Uber for Healthcare – possible or not?


Uber for Healthcare – possible or not?

Healthcare industry is waiting for the great changes like those that resulted into development of Uber and Airbnb in the transport industry. Experts decided to examine the potential of the Healthcare industry revolution.    

The Food and Drug Administration has all the possibilities to drive great changes in the medical industry. Due to this regulatory authority, even a simple drug should undergo ten years research before releasing on sale. Nevertheless, some prospective projects should be released by all means.          



DNA editing

For years, lots of medical scientists have been making various assumptions and theories on the DNA editing. But only few people know that Illimina company has already made a breakthrough with the help of its unique technology of gene sequencing.      

Редактирование ДНК

Meanwhile, CRISPR advanced even more and presented the DNA editing opportunity to the public. Besides, CRISPR’s researchers learnt how to cut out defective chain fragments to exchange them for healthy ones.           

Huge data and personalized treatment

On the basis of genome sequencing opportunity, we are going closer to the overall changes in treatment technology for various diseases, especially cancer. A lot of drugs that will be able to prevent tumors will appear on the market. Patients would be able to select a necessary drug, depending on their genetic characteristics. To implement such opportunity, one requires a multipurpose technology of genetic information extraction.            

Infectious diseases issues

A test that determines the kind of infection can be the most convenient and efficient solution for patients. Immediate results obtaining will enable early treatment for a patient and help doctors to identify the spread of a certain virus to make a necessary vaccine. With the help of abovementioned technologies one can conduct an immune therapy that will cure any infectious disease in short period.      

Healthcare services

Surely, these solutions will totally influence the Healthcare industry. But none of them will be able to make a real revolution. A great breakthrough that will change the healthcare approach and attract people to control its characteristics is waiting for us.      


Adapted from: evercare.ru

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