Legal security in medical industry from M-Health Congress speakers Alexey Alekseev and Yana Alekseeva


Legal security in medical industry from M-Health Congress speakers Alexey Alekseev and Yana Alekseeva

As of today, the use of medical software and mobile devices does not have a substantial legislative base. Speakers of the M-Health Congress Alexey Alekseev and Yana Alekseeva will talk about why such a base is necessary and how medical devices can optimize the work of medical organizations.

Alexey has a degree in neurology and now heads PainDept. He is the leading specialist in neurology in the network of Alfa Center Zdorovya and Medicine Alpha clinics. The speaker has 13 years of medical experience, including work in private and public medical organizations. He got his second higher education in law.

Yana Alekseeva - head of the Med-YurConsult, medical lawyer.

At the conference, speakers will approach the subject of legal security and the peculiarities of using information technology and digital assistants in healthcare.

When talking about the specifics of working as a lawyer in medical industry, Alexey and Yana note:

"The peculiarities of this work are coming from the lack of a unified way of communication between doctors, health care organizers, patients, payers and controlling bodies. And the reason for that is the absence of interacting laws and regulations.

Main tasks of medical lawyers:

  • Establish interaction between medical organization by implementing internal documentation;
  • Give consultations on development for companies that are working or just beginning to work in healthcare;
  • Engage in pre-action and judicial work with clients of medical companies;
  • Ensure continuous interaction between companies working in healthcare and counterparties (for example, technical support)."

Learn more about the work of medical lawyers and health sector legal coverage at the conference!

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