IBM representative Gayane Harutyunyan and member of CITO Gennady Berchenko: about digital technologies in diagnostics


IBM representative Gayane Harutyunyan and member of CITO Gennady Berchenko: about digital technologies in diagnostics

Diagnostics is an important stage of medical treatment, as wrong diagnoses result in the wrong therapy. Today innovative technologies are used to obtain accurate results in tumor diagnostics.

Attendees of M-Health Congress will find out how digital technologies help to make medical decisions on March 5. Through a joint presentation, IBM representative Gayane Harutyunyan and PhD holder in Medicine from CITO Gennady Berchenko will discuss how digital technologies are used to diagnose malignant tumors of the osteoarticular system.

Main points:

  • why modern pathomorphology needs digital technologies;
  • how digital methods are used in telemedicine;
  • criteria of differential diagnostics of nonmalignant and malignant tumors;
  • real clinical cases.

Gennady Berchenko holds a PhD in Medicine and is a pathologist of superior merit.

The expert has been working in medicine for around 30 years and wrote around 500 scientific papers. Today he is a research member of CITO, the National Medical Research Centre of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after N.N. Priorov.

The speaker is the head of morbid anatomy department that deals with diagnostics and research in the field of osteoarticular pathology.

Gennady hosts teleconferences and online consultations for patients with diseases of osteoarticular system.

Gayane Harutyunyan is an IT expert and a leading architect at IBM Client Center. Moreover, she is a specialist on analytical systems of the corporation and an expert in Watson intelligence systems.

Gayane focuses on cognitive technologies in medicine and realizes projects for IBM customers in Russia.

Learn more about digital technologies in diagnostics from experts of the conference!

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