CardioQVARK device is a real-time cardiogram


CardioQVARK device is a real-time cardiogram

As the technology market develops, more and more gadgets allow taking care of your own health condition. Users can control their health using portable medical devices, which allow them to feel better.      

CardioQVARK device is a real-time cardiogram. It is very simple – one should just place two thumbs on the special sensors. The information goes to the smartphone screen. One will be able to test this device at the M-Health Congress event. This conference is dedicated to progressive developments in IT technologies and mobile apps, involving various business fields.        

The CardioQVARK device was produced by developers, engineers, medical advisors and IOS-experts.  

The CardioQVARK device is a cover with two sensors. It should be fixed to iPhone. Healthy people can also use it. The device will monitor cardiovascular system, estimate the rhythm and determine deviations while daily routine and physical exercises. CardioQVARK will be useful for patients after surgeries and heart attacks.              

What is the peculiarity of CardioQVARK? 


This device is designed for healthy audience and for patients with heart-related diseases. It can be used in public clinics.      

“A doctor with the tablet PC” is a progressive technology for monitoring patients through mobile apps. Doctors can provide a distant monitoring, checking patient health condition and connect with patients at any time. Health condition results are available all the time.       

The patient can always be assured of well-timed medical care. Data are processed automatically and results are shown immediately.  

Business can extend services, decrease complication risks and reduce costs due to redeployment of resources. 

M-Health Congress speakers will discuss mobile solution integration for health. The organizer of the event is the international company Smile-Expo, the exhibition business leader of innovative technologies.         

This event reveals mobile apps key aspects and allows participants to discuss current trends and market development issues.  

Developers can share their experience and present their solutions to the broad audience.  

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