Intake of contraceptive pills to be controlled by mobile app


Intake of contraceptive pills to be controlled by mobile app

Finnish startup Popit Medical Technologies has taken care of timely medication intake. Device called Popit Sense will remind women to take birth control pills.

Device is attached to pill blister pack. Data is harvested by a smartphone application. It tracks your birth control efficiency, the number of unused pills and medication regimen. Application also reminds about the necessity to take the pill if it has not been done in time.

The full history and statistics of pill consumption is recorded. Additionally, you can enter data connected to your general state: pain or mood changes.

Popit Sense can be used for any pills in blister pack.

In the future the company is going to switch over to other medicaments: for treatment of hypertonia or diabetes. Meanwhile it will launch a crowdfunding campaign and conduct testing. Popit Sense is scheduled for release in the end of the year.

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