Promotion of medical drugs and services. Presentation by Evgeny Paperny, Head of Health Mail.Ru


Promotion of medical drugs and services. Presentation by Evgeny Paperny, Head of Health Mail.Ru

How does user profiling technology help to promote pharmaceutical goods? This issue will be revealed at M-Health Congress on March 5 by Evgeny Paperny, Head of Health Mail.Ru project.

Presentation: User profiling technology / Medical marketing.

Evgeny will tell the audience what data should be included in a consumer profile and how to analyze them, as well as explain the concept of affinity audience analysis. He will also examine case studies of promoting such well-known products as Viagra, Vizarsin, and Cialis.

Evgeny Paperny is MD; graduated from I.M.Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. He has been engaged in the medicine mass media since 2001. He served as an editor and editor-in-chief at such portals as,,,,, and Besides, the speaker launched, a search system containing information about analysis and function tests conducted in the CIS countries.

2013, Evgeny Paperny became the head of Health Mail.Ru, a project allowing to consult a doctor, obtain information about drugs and healthcare facilities, as well as read medical articles. Today, Health Mail.Ru is one of the most popular healthcare projects of the Russian Internet.

Evgeny hosts the Epidemiya program on the Doctor TV channel, talking about the history of viruses running riot at various times.

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