New algorithm to improve life for diabetics


New algorithm to improve life for diabetics

There are a lot of apps for mobile devices that process data from various medical gadgets. Unfortunately, such software still can’t be implemented into Russian healthcare service conditions. Particularly, one should consider an opportunity of sending ordinary text messages to people with chronic diseases, for example, diabetes.     

The specialized publication Diabetes Care published research results, which proved that the messages that required response, were more efficient than ordinary SMS-messages.  

Scientists aimed not only to demonstrate the advantages of text messages, but also to choose better messages content. This target requires a special algorithm that analyses and generates a message text, making it appropriate for the maximum amount of patients.          

Participants involved in research were divided into two groups – twenty and seven people. All of them have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and none of respondents was involved in regular physical exercises. They received phones with the in-built activity tracker, where messages came regularly.           

The first group received messages with ordinary reminders and the second group received alert messages created with the help of the special algorithm. It changed the message based on participants’ physical activity results. Thus, researchers found out which form was the most efficient.

Consequently, the research proved that adaptive messages helped patients to get a motivation and they didn’t forget about procedures and taking medications. 


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