M-Healthmarket: What to expect from mobile health industry


M-Healthmarket: What to expect from mobile health industry

One of the most popular and reliable business portals in the Russian Internet, central online floor for Russian venture market - Rusbase - has published an interesting material about m-health market prospects in Russia and in the world.

Representatives of the Russian m-health market, M-Health Congress experts and speakers Nikita Bogdanov (GloveMe, co-founder) and DmitriyGrechkin (Emias.info, director) helped to prepare the analytical material.

Find the full version on the website, and meanwhile, Nikita Bogdanov shares some insights that you won’t find in the article.

Medical start-up in Russia. Nikita, can you please tell us, is it difficult to work your way from idea to project launch here? How strong is the influence of legal and bureaucratic aspects on creating and promotion of mhealth project?

Creating a business is really a serious test. There are additional barriers in healthcare segment - legal and bureaucratic. All these makes you wanna give up and become one of the cat-online admirers.

Medical startups vary a lot. Often you need to have clinical testing which really delays project launch for a year and costs big bucks, and that is almost a death sentence for the startup.

Also I’d like to mention the challenge of gathering the right team. Medical startups need doctors: consultants, advisors, team members. If we’re talking about innovations, that means science back-up. There’s no always enough motivation.

There’s much to do for Russia to become a nice place for launching medical startups. That involves legislative level and the attitude of healthcare professionals. 

GloveMe is a project aiming to create a glove for rehabilitation from a stroke
Project goal: change procedure of rehabilitation from a stroke that affects 450 000 Russians each year

On the one hand, health is one of the primary human needs, so the target audience is huge and the interest is constant. On the other hand, healthcare is a segment where any innovations are met with a lack of trust. How can one convince clients that product is “serious”?

Famous names, clinics, feedback from real patients. But everyone can make this up, so I guess, if the product is really necessary for people, they will buy it. One shall rather try to prevent fraud and cope with a prejudice that all western products are better.

Can m-health innovations take away some of real doctors’ earnings?

By no means.Ithink, viceversa. Startups wouldn’t try to create a panacea. We try to solve certain problems that are either unsolved or have solutions but are not suitable for the target audience. As any other tool, new creations shall be used for their intended purpose and doctors shall supervise it.

The amount of physicians in the long run may decrease, but I think that we won’t be there to witness such level of technologies.

From your experience of startup promotion, are doctors considered to be skeptical opposition of technology integration or on the contrary, supporters of their services optimization and automation?

They remain quite neutral. They are busy people who look at startups pragmatically. Some of them are innovators, some are conservatives. You can’t say that all doctors think of it the same way.

Nikita Bogdanov will be a speaker at M-Health Congress with a presentation: Medical startups in Russia: mistakes, possibilities.

For the businessman who look at m-health as a field for launching new products, Nikita’s experience as well as advice from other experts will become a perfect chance to discover prospects and possibilities for business that emerge from modern innovations in the healthcare segment.

Tickets to M-Health Congress can be purchased here.


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