Russian researchers have invented a smart device for early-stage detection of cancer


Russian researchers have invented a smart device for early-stage detection of cancer

A group of Russian scientists from Samara National Research University has designed a prototype of device that can diagnose oncological diseases at early stage with the help of hyperspectral analysis. Smart camera is absolutely harmless for human body, enables high accuracy of diagnosing and can be used in cases when tissue biopsy is unacceptable.

Peculiarities of diagnostics using hyperspectral analysis

Device developed by Samara scientists allows physicians to easily determine sound and diseased tissues at early stages of oncological diseases. In contrast to traditional methods of cancer detection such as tomography and ultrasound, smart camera is absolutely harmless and more accurate.

Hyperspectral analysis is conducted on the basis of numerous pictures made in different spectral ranges. Meanwhile an ordinary camera distinguishes only three main colours, smart camera creates the whole array of several hundreds of pictures made at various wavelengths. As far as diseased and sound tissues have different spectral ranges, with the help of the new device one can determine whether a person is ill or not.      

Application areas of camera for cancer diagnostics

Smart camera from Samara researchers is especially important for diagnosing melanoma. In order to define whether a patient has skin cancer physicians cannot take tissue sample for biopsy, as it can provoke metastases and lead to fatal outcome. Therefore, in order to avoid risks, a surgery for removal a local area is made, though in most cases there is no need to take such measures –  suspected melanoma is not confirmed. Hyperspectral analysis allows reducing the number of unjustified surgeries.

Currently scientists continue working on their project. They want to develop two versions of smart device: one camera for automatic analysis of large body areas, and another one for investigating selective locations.  Developers promise to release devices at a low price to provide an opportunity for all district policlinics to buy them, and not only for private medical centers. In the meantime the prototype of smart camera is being tested in Samara regional oncology health center. 


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